The Counter Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019 was passed on 12 February 2019. The Act provided for an ‘independent review’ of Prevent, a government programme that aims to support ‘vulnerable’ people from being ‘drawn into terrorism’.

Historically, these reviews of Prevent have only served to widen its net and strengthen the programme. 

This is because each review has ignored the legitimate and growing concerns raised by individuals, as well as community and civil society groups about Prevent. 

This most recent ‘independent review’ has been the subject of the most intense criticism so far, in particular regarding the terms of reference, as well as of the individuals who have been selected to lead the review. 

The government’s choice of who to lead this review is the biggest problem. The first nominee for the role was Lord Carlile QC, who played a role in strengthening Prevent through the 2011 review. 

Following a legal challenge to this appointment, William Shawcross was appointed, despite his widely publicised statements that have been deemed Islamophobic. 

Consequently, over 500 organisations and individuals decided to boycott this review of Prevent, making it even less reliable. 

This platform, The People’s Review of Prevent, serves to listen to, collate and document these voices, to ensure that a broader range of targeted individuals and groups are heard as an alternative process to the Government’s review.


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The People’s Review of Prevent is an alternative review to the Government’s Shawcross Review.

This review provides a platform to the people most impacted by Prevent.


John Holmwood, Co-Chair

John is Professor Emeritus in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham.


Dr Layla Aitlhadj, Co-Chair

Layla is the Director at Prevent Watch and Senior Caseworker, supporting people impacted by Prevent.