About the Boycott

On Wednesday the 17th of March 2021, Muslims and non-Muslims came together in the largest coalition to date, all agreed to boycott the Shawcross review of Prevent.

Despite differences of opinion regarding Prevent itself, all agreed that the Shawcross review could not be considered a legitimate ‘review’.  

The decision was made to boycott the Shawcross review. A joint statement was released with a list of signatories: 

Boycott The Shawcross Review of Prevent

Launch Date: 12 Noon, Wednesday, 17 March 2021

We, the undersigned, pledge to boycott the government’s Review into the Prevent policy.

We boycott the Review because its new chair, William Shawcross, has a long and proven track record of Islamophobia and support for the most extreme measures to have been justified in the War on Terror, including forms of torture.

William Shawcross has:

● said in 2012, “Europe and Islam is one of the greatest, most terrifying problems of our future. I think all European countries have vastly, very quickly growing Islamic populations.”
● overseen a huge increase in statutory investigations carried out on Muslim charities, 38% of the total in his first year of chairing the Charity Commission.
● defended torture as a “natural response” to terrorism, and the detention camp at Guantanamo.

We boycott the Review because its new remit, as has been reported, will only deal with strengthening the existing policy, which is wholly unacceptable.

We boycott the Review because Prevent disproportionately targets the civil liberties of British Muslims and demonises the Islamic faith. Prevent is counter-productive and leaves both liberty and security damaged and diminished for all British citizens and residents, not just those of the Muslim faith.

We call on all concerned citizens and residents in Britain to join us in boycotting the Review.

Signed by,

National Muslim Organisations

Dr Layla Aitlhadj, Director, PreventWatch
Dr Enam Ahmod, President, Federation of Student Islamic Societies
Zahid Akhtar, Founder, Documenting Oppression Against Muslims
Sayyid Al-Haidari, Patron, Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission
Azad Ali, CAGE
Kawthar Alli, Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Association
Dr Anas Altikriti, CEO, The Cordoba Foundation, London
Raghad Altikriti, President, Muslim Association of Britain
Batool Al-Toma Convert Muslim Foundation, Leicester
Dr Khalid Anis, Chair, Islamic Society of Britain
Nafisa Bakkar, CEO, Amaliah
Aasia Bora, Ecological Consciousness and Climate Action (XR Muslims)
Dr Salman Butt, Islam21
Sadiq Dorasat, Muslim Census
Dr Khadijah Elshayyal, Network of Sisters in Academia
Jazeel Fazy, Chair, Sri Lanka Islamic Forum UK
Nayeem Haque, Muslim Youth Network
Afham Ismail, Chair, Sri Lankan Diaspora UK
Salim Kassam, Editor-in-Chief, The Muslim Vibe
Heena Khaled, Advancing Voices of Women against Islamophobia
Fazlun Khalid, Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Zubeda Khan, Chair, Daughters of Kashmir
Remy Mohamed, Association of Muslim Lawyers
Qari Muhammed Shoyaib Nurgat, Wifaqul Ulama
Soukeyna Osei-Bonsu Managing Director, Black Muslim Forum
Dr Ismail Patel, Chair, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Leicester
Yusuf Patel, SRE Islamic
Azhar Qayyum, CEO, Muslim Engagement and Development
Roshan Salih, Editor, 5Pillars
Massoud Shadjareh, Chair, Islamic Human Rights Commission, London
Imran Shah, CEO, Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK
Muslim Lawyers Action Group
Salma Yaqoob, Patron, Stop the War Coalition


Regional Muslim Organisations

Dr Amjad Aziz, Chair, Nottingham Council of Mosques (20 mbrs)
Rashid Bhatti, West London Mosque Forum (ca. 10 mbrs)
Dr Sahira Dar, Chair, Vibrant Scottish Mosques
Bana Gora, Muslim Women’s Council, Bradford
Dr Muhammad Rafiq Habib, Muslim Council of Scotland (90+ mbrs)
Yusuf Hansa, Waltham Forest Council of Mosques (11 mbrs)
Zulfiqar Karim President, Bradford Council for Mosques (130 mbrs)
Shiraz Kothia London Muslim Community Forum
Sulayman Munir, Reading Muslim Council (ca. 8 mbrs)
Bashir Patel, Chair, Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations (16 mbrs)
Abdul Basit Shah, Spokesperson, Oldham Mosque Council (35 mbrs)
Muhammad Uddin, Newham Muslim Forum (ca. 35 mbrs)
Leila Usmani, Race Alliance Wales


Local Muslim Organisations

Zayd Abid-Waheed, President, Salford Islamic Society
Naseem Aboobaker, Mushkil Aasaan Charity, Tooting, London
Ubaid Afzal, South London Islamic Centre
Rubina Agha, Kingston Sisters Association
Sayed Ahmed, Ayesha Community Education, Barnet
Sharafat Ali, Markazi Jamia Mosque Riza & Islamic Centre, Huddersfield
Tasneem Ali, Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh
Abdul Majid Ali, Jamia Masjid Noor, Huddersfield
Lana Al-Sumaiday, Secretary, Muslim Women’s Society for the Future, London
Khalid Al-Tamimy, Queen Mary Islamic Society
Miqdad Anam, Goldsmiths Islamic Society
Anjum Anwar, Chair, Women’s Voices, Blackburn
Ashtaq Arain, Muslim Association of Croydon
Rizwanah Arain, Women’s Muslim Association of Croydon
Waheed Arshad, Jamia Khizra Mosque & Islamic Centre
Abdul Aslam, Ravensthorpe Community Centre Ltd
Tariq Awan, Grangetown Muslim Cultural Centre, Cardiff
Yasser Baia, University of Kent Islamic Society
Dr Abdul Haqq Baker, Strategy to Reach Empower & Educate Teenagers (STREET UK)
Rumaysah Bari, Sheffield Hallam University Islamic Society
Kashif Barlas, Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association of Sutton
Imam Shakeel Beg, Lewisham Islamic Centre
Saad Muhammad Bhatti, University of Plymouth Islamic Society
Imam Ahmed Desai, Masjid Quba, Bradford
Ihab El-Saie, IMAN, London
Ghulam Haydar Esposito, Myriad Foundation, Manchester
Dr Abdullah Faliq, Centre for British-Turkish Understanding, London
Omar Faruq, The Seerah Foundation
Haq Ghani, Al-Furqan Islamic Centre, Glasgow
Shahid Hanif, Colourful Heritage, Glasgow
Asif Hasanali, Faiths Together Croydon
Fazlur Rahman Hassan, Beardwood Musallah, Blackburn
Ali Hayat, Abu Bakr Masjid, Southall
Muhammad Hussain, Lancashire University Islamic Society
Salim Ahmed Kazi, Masjid-e-Umar, Bradford
Anasur Rahman Khan, Islamic Centre Upton Park, London
Ismail Khan, Manchester Metropolitan University Islamic Society
Khalida Khan, An-Nisa Society, London
Tahmida Khanom, University of Sussex Islamic Society
Rashid Ahmed Kola, Darul Yasin, Leeds
Mohammed Kozbar, Finsbury Park Mosque
Alexander Krabbendam, University of Edinburgh Islamic Society
Tahir Mirza Muslim Voice For Peace, London
Nadir A. Mothojakan, Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre
Ahmed Ashraf Mulla, Nuneaton Muslim Society
Edris Musa, Zakariyya Jaame Masjid, Bolton
Armani Nasser, University of Sheffield Islamic Circle
Usman Qureshi, Norbury Muslim Centre, London
Manucher Qureshi, West London Islamic Centre
Abdul Rab, Bangladesh Association Greater Reading
Zia U. Rehman, Islamic Education & Cultural Society, Hayes
Faisal Riley, MEND Preston
Sardar Ahmad Rizvi, Islamic Centre, Dumfries
Ibrahim Salaou, Cork Institute of Technology Islamic Society
Imran Sayed, Majlis-e-Dawat-ul-Haq, Leicester
Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive, Ramadhan Foundation, Manchester
Tahir Talati, MEND Newham
Ismail Timol, Preston Muslim Cultural Centre
Anas Wahba, Aston University Islamic Society
Haji Kassim Central Jamia Mosque, Hayes


Scholars, Academics, and Community Organisers

Prof. Tahir Abbas, University of Leiden
Abdilatif Abdirahman, Al Furqan Education Trust
Dr Fauzia Ahmad, Goldsmiths, University of London
Imam Rashid Ahmed, Makki Masjid, Burton-on-Trent
Maulana Said Ahmed, Zakariyya Jaame Masjid, Bolton
Dr Usaama Al-Azami, University of Oxford
Dr Mansur Ali, Cardiff
Mohammed Ali, Soul City Arts, Birmingham
Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthari, Darul-Iftaa, Leciester
Qari Abdul Hai Al-Shaami, Nottingham
Maulana Shah Muhammad Anas, Principal, Zakariya Academcy, Forest Gate, London
Maulana Wajid Ali Ansari, Coventry
Dr Walter Armbrust, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
Imam Muhammad Sohail Ashfaque, Blackhall Mosque, Edinburgh
Imam Abu Bakar Bagas, Hainault Muslim Association
Dr William Barylo, University of Warwick
Qari Mohammed Aleem Bashir, Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam
Rehana Begum, Diversity Matters North West
Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley, Society of Islam, Bradford
Dr Suriyah Bi, Unversity of Edinburgh
Yahya Birt, Ilkley
Abdurrahim Boynukalin, AK Party UK
Shaykh Bilal Brown, Marifah Institute, Oldham
Ibtihal Bsis, Armanaz Chambers, London
Shaykh Amin Buxton, Muslim Chaplain, Edinburgh Napier University
Imam Fazal Dad, Abu Bakar Masjid, Bradford
Dr Daniel Nilsson DeHanas, King’s College London
Mohamed Denideni, The Islamic Manuscript Association, London
Dr Jan Dobbernack, Newcastle University
Lyla Fahmy, Midlands Chair, FOSIS
Imam Muhammad Tahir Fayyaz, Ashford and Staines Community Centre, Feltham
Shaykh Suliman Gani, Purley Mosque
Dr Jamie Gilham, historian, London
Dr Sadia Habib, University of Manchester
Dr Sadek Hamid, Manchester
Maulana Ismail Hans, Islamic Studies teacher, Batley
Jay Hanson, Huddersfield Community First
Imam Muhammad Ashraf Hansrot, West Norwood Mosque
Prof. John Holmwood, University of Nottingham
Acklark Hussain, Dar Ul Uloom Islamia/Ghamkol Sharif Manchester
Dr Musharraf Hussain, Nottingham
Neelam Hussain, University of Birmingham
Dilly Hussain, 5 Pillars News
Councillor Sajid Hussain, Nottingham
Imam Sufyan Iqbal, Islamic Cultural and Education Centre, Battersea
Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq, Nuneaton
Dr Stephen H. Jones, University of Birmingham
Dr Shehla Khan, Keele University
Imam Mirazam Khan, Neeli Masjid, Rochdale
Zidane Khan, Loughborough University
Mas’ud Ahmed Khan, masud
Haji Rehmat Khan, Former councillor, Nottingham
Imam Huzaifa Kolia, Masjid Abu Bakr, Walthamstow
Dr Alexandra Lewicki, University of Sussex
Maulana Mohammed Lockhat, The Peace Centre, Leciester
Christina Longden, Director, Past Truisms CIC
Dr Tina Magazzini, European University Institute
Ustadh Hamid Mahmood, Founder, Fatima Elizabeth Phrontistery
Qari Shahid Mahmood, Walsall
Dr Abdur Rahman Mangera, Whitethread Press, London
Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, Research Fellow, Queen Mary’s University of London
Mahbubur Maruf, Gardens of Peace Muslim Cemetery
Imam Ajmal Masroor, London
Dr Narzanin Massoumi, University of Exeter
Imam Abdul Mateen, Quwat-ul-Islam Society, Upton Lane, London
Prof. Nasar Meer, University of Edinburgh
Prof. David Miller, University of Bristol
Dr Tom Mills, Aston University
Prof. Tariq Modood, University of Bristol
Jahangir Mohammed, Director, Centre for Muslim Affairs, Manchester
Mufti Amjad M. Mohammed, Markaz al-Ifta wa’l-Qada, Bradford
Shaykh Shams ad-Duha Muhammad, Mawarid Lifestyle and Warid Consultancy
Councillor Sajid Muhammad, Nottingham
Hafiz Dr Muhammad Munir, Nottingham
Hafiz Muhammad Muntazir, Muslim chaplain, Nottingham
Abu Musaib, Abu Hurairah Academy, Bradford
Sheikh Mufassal Musthapha, British Muslim Society
Ilyas Naghdee, writer and activist
Hujjatul Islam Dr Abbas Naqvi, Al-Asr Scholastic Research Establishment, London
Maulana Anwar Narma, Darul Uloom Leciester
Prof. Therese O’Toole, University of Bristol
Mufti Suhail Patel, Seven Kings Muslim Educational Trust, Ilford
Prof. Julian Petley, Brunel University
Ustadh Mohammad Quraishi, Bayyina Foundation, Blackburn
Dr Fahid Qurashi, Staffordshire University
Dr Asim Qureshi, CAGE
Councillor Sharmen Rahman, Stoneygate, Leicester (Labour Party)
Dr Fatima Rajina, Stephen Lawrence Research Centre, De Montfort University
Dr Naaz Rashid, University of Sussex
Naeem Raza, Management Consultant, Glasgow
Hafiz Mohammad Razak, Marifah Institute, Oldham
Dr Rizwaan Sabir, Liverpool John Moores University
Asma Saeed, SOAS, University of London
Imam Sajid Safdar, Masjid-e-Umar, Bradford
Dr Shah-Jalal Sarker, University College London
Prof. Salman Sayyid, University of Leeds
Shaykh Muhammad Mustaqeem Shah, Lecturer, Al-Balagh Academy
Ifhat Shaheen Smith, Community Activist, London
Nisar Shaikh, University Muslim Chaplain, Royal Holloway
Shaykh Surkheel Sharif, Director, Jawziyyah Institute
Dr Katy Sian, University of York
Dr Haroon Sidat, Cardiff
Nurushan Sudarsan, RAW Steering Group, Cardiff
Shaykh Idries Watts, Keighley
Councillor Peter Wong, Cardiff
Dr Tarek Younis, Middlesex University
Imam Arqam, Hayes Islamic Centre, London
Lowkey, Rapper and activist, London



Muhammad Veelayat Sheik Abbass, Sutton
Dr Sajid Abdul Aziz, NHS, MEND
Nabil Abdulrashid, Youth worker
Rabah Abu Ramouz, Lawyer, Manchester
Hasan Ahmad, Teacher
Imad Ahmed, Secondary School Teacher
Hasan Ahmed, Teacher
Sadiya Ahmed, Heritage consultant, London
Zahid Ali, 8th Braid Salaam Scouts, Edinburgh
Farid Anjum, NHS, London
Afsha Asghar, Assistant Principal
Soumia Assou, Teacher
Mohammad Ateeque, Security Officer
M.N. Attar, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Adil Bashir, Architectural Designer
Saqib Bashir, Nottingham
Faheem Bhamjee, Infrastructural engineer
Djamel Boudjenah, Taxi Driver
Abelhak Bougouizi, London
Rozina Chaudry, Chauden Ltd, Hale
Dr Fayaz Chishti, NHS Consultant
Sajid Choudhary, Warehouse team member
Rabah Debbih, Transport Worker
Kareem Dennis, London
Dr Lina Fazlanie, Nottingham
Farhan Ghalib, IT Consultant
Fouad Gougam, London
Abdul Rahman Gyibo, Infrastructural engineer, London
Dr Jeyda Hammad, Psychologist
Syed Hashmi, Supply Chain Manager, Burton-on-Trent
Mohammed Hussain, Worker
Isthiak Hussain, Muslim organiser at University of Sussex Student Union
Bodrul Islam, Energy Consultancy
Mahbuba Islam, London
Raheem Jung, TV Presenter
Bashir Khamboo, London
Sohaib M. Khan, SMK Law Solicitors, Hounslow
Imran Khan, Croydon
Mohammed Kolia, Knights Pharmacy Group, Leicester
Sadik Kovaci, London
Anna Lockley-Scott, Warwick
Salim Lohiya, IT Consultant
Arshad Mahmood, Engineer
Ahmed Makda, Blackburn
Zoubir Mehiri, Black cab driver
Dr Muhammad Memon, London
Dara Miah, London
Abu Miah, Self-employed
Hassan Mohamed, Transport for London
Asim Mohammed, Security Officer
Zia Mohi-ud-Din, businessman
Kashif Moughal, Banbury
Said Mumin, London
Shah Nahar, Teacher
Ikram Najabat, Gatwick
Nisar Navsariwala, Teacher
Abdinasir Omar, Gas/electrical engineer
Tahir Patel, Teacher
Muhammad Patel, Leicester
Ashab Patel, Blackburn
Waseem Qureshi, The Dental Suite (Northants) Ltd
Dr Faisal Qureshi, Burton-on-Trent
Faical Ragbi, Teacher
Anjum Riaz, Firefighter, Burton-on-Trent
Waris Rizvi, Project Engineer
Aziz Saiid, Catskill Law, Luton
Kashif Saleem, Nottingham
Ahmed Sarkar, Teacher
Usman W. Sarwar, Courier delivery driver
Faiyaz Sayed, Network Engineer, Verizon
Mohsin Shah, Technician
Rehana Shaikh, London
Junaid Shaikh, Director
Abubakar Sheikh, Bruce Grove Academy, Tottenham
Sid Siari, Taxi Driver
Gareth Sims, Lawyer
Bashir Uddin, Tutor
Akhtar Uzzaman, BluePi Ltd

Abdul Musaib Abu Hurairah Academy
Ibrahim Salaou CIT Islamic Society
Ismail Hans Islamic studies Teacher Batley
Sajid Abdul Aziz NHS / MEND
Sajid Abdul Aziz NHS / MEND
Nirushan Sudarsan RAW Steering Group
Usman W Sarwar Courier delivery driver
Ismaeel Khan Manchester Met Islamic society
Rashid Makki masjid
Rumaysah Bari Sheffield Hallam ISOC
Rabah Abu Ramouz Lawyer, Manchester, Self-employed
Isthiak Hussain Brothers Rep at Sussex Islamic Society and Muslim Student Community Organiser at Sussex SU
Peter Wong Councillor on Cardiff Council
Kareem Dennis London
Yasser Baia University of Kent Islamic Society
Salim Lohiya IT Consultant
Anjum Woman’s Voice
Mahrez Driver
Nabil Abdulrashid Youth worker
Batool Al-Toma Convert Muslim Foundation, Leicester UK
Muhamad Hussain Lancaster University Islamic Society
Mohammed Ali Soul City Arts
Muhammed Shoyaib Wifaq UL Ulama
Sultana Tafadar Muslim Lawyers Action Group
Aasia Bora Muslim Ecological Consciousness and Climate Action (Extiction Rebellion Muslims)
Zayd Abid-Waheed Salford Islamic Society, president, Salford
Mohammed Kozbar Finsbury Park Mosque
Surkheel Sharif Jawziyyah Institute
Andrew Watts Therapist and Islamic educationalist
Khalida Khan An-Nisa Society
Arshad Mahmud Engineer & community leader
Leila Usmani Race Alliance Wales
Bana Gora Muslim Women’s Council
Rizwaan Sabir Liverpool John Moores University
Katy Sian University of York
Shiraz Kothia London Muslim Community Forum
Tahir Mirza Muslim Voice For Peace
Aman Paul Dhaliwal Director – Islam21c
Maryyum Mehmood The SHIFT
Salim Kazi Retired Accountant
Amanda Morris Cardiff
Huda Osman MEND
Sumaia Almari Bradford
Shahzad Hussain UKIM Leeds,
Abdullah Fahim Imam and Khateeb, Masjid Taqwa Birmingham
Shabnam Kulsoom The Official Justice4Shukri Campaign Team
Harris Irfan UK Islamic FinTech Panel
AbdulMaalik Tailor Travel, Heritage and convert specialist
Hasan Patel Writer and comms specialist
Hawwa Alam Manchester Museum
Fahad Ansari Solicitor
Mustapha Sheikh Associate Professor of Islamic Thought, University of Leeds
Sabina Hashmy NHS
Majid Freeman Leicester
Waqas Tufail Leeds Beckett University
Richard McNeil-Willson Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute
Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar Medical Doctor, Manchester
Akeela Bhattay Writer
Balraj Samrai Lecturer
Mustafa Sohail Rafique Sheikh Institute for Research & Social Betterment (IRSB), Scotland
Hanufa Qureshi Manchester
Thaminah Aziz Sakeenah Foundation
Hassan Vawda Doctoral Researcher, Tate Gallery
Hanain Brohi Newcastle University
Umar Shaikh London
Dr Fatima Ahdash Goldsmiths, University of London
Amani Hassani Postdoc, Keele University
Aasiya Ahmed Manchester
Fatima Ahdash University of Goldsmiths, London
Nadya Ali University of Sussex
Bilal Abrar Khan The University of Manchester
Andrew Delatolla University of Leeds
Abu Eesa Niamatullah Scholar/Cheadle
Zeeshan Ali Activist
Yasser Kassana Professional
Abdul Kahhar Islam Bedford
Ayo Olatunji FOSIS VP Student Affairs 2020
Maira Khan Centre for Media Monitoring
Asif Adam Remote Engineer
Zainab Naqvi De Montfort University
Asima Ramzan Manchester
Kamran Hussain Optometrist
Shoaib M Khan Human Rights Lawyer
Martyn Rush DPhil candidate, Wolfson College, Oxford
Sahedul Islam Impact Culture Ltd
Layli Uddin King’s College London
Gabriel Varghese The Kenyon Institute, Council for British Research in the Levant
Abdul Malik Customer Service Manager
Khalil Ahmed Haffejee Madrassah Al-Khair, Leicester
Laleh Khalili Queen Mary University of London
Claire Launchbury Leeds
Emily Hirst Derbyshire
Ranya Yousif Psychological Well-being Practitioner
Rebecca Carter freelancer
Liam Farrell University of Limerick
Hasret Cetinkaya NUI Galway
Samatar Hussein Business Owner
Nisar Navsariwala Daddycation
Muna Abdulle Student, London
Nisar Navsariwala Vulcan Rd Residence Association Leicester
Samirah Chowdhury Keele University, Student
Mary O’Brien London
Saara Raza Keele University
Ruqyah Sarwar Secondary School
Mohammed Yaseen Cube Foundation
Rissat Hasan Student, Stoke on Trent
Ali Asghar Engineer
Safwan Ahmed Patel Civil Servant
Shahid Parvez Optometrist
Ayub Seedat Islamic Network
abu g4ngy Muslim Twitter
Moustapha Mbacké Diop Medical Student
Huzayfa Ismail Risk Analyst
Mohammed Iqbal Worcester muslim welfare association
Ruth Pinto University of East Anglia
Rehana Parveen University of Birmingham Law School
Haziq Patel Hitchin
Lutfun Choudhury Solicitor
Arisa Reka Medical Student
Rachna Choudhury Teacher
Hope Chow University College London
Rafa Abushaala Doctor
John McGrory Carter Fem Properties/Personal Chauffeur/Manchester
Abdul Qadeer Mann Cyber Security Consultant
Dr Shamim Miah University of Huddersfield
Mohammad Taxi driver
Repi Begum Solicitor
Arafat Chowdhury Walthamstow
Hajira Liaquat London
Sajid Varda Broadcaster
Mohammed Juned Service Manager
Haifaa Khalafallah Historian, Sinai Centre for Islamic Mediterranean Studies
Shahid Parvez Optometrist
Shelim Miah London
Martyn Rush DPhil candidate, Wolfson College, Oxford
Yasser Kassana Professional
Claudia Radiven University of Leeds, Teaching Fellow
Haleema Shahid None
Mohammad Arshad Director
Farah Gillani Lawyer
Mateen zaki Homeopath
Lili Butler Manchester
Saiqa zafar Healthcare
Sulman Ahmed Social Worker
Rafik Bakhat University of Edinburgh
Karim Qazi-Fazle Consultant
Carol Anne Grayson Researcher, ESRC Michael Young Prize
M I Sharif Draughtsman
Mohammed Patel Founder – Tayab Cooperative, Bradford
Imran Mulla Student at Cambridge University
Kathryn Holbrook www.islamerican.org
Shams Uddin Outreach West London
Masuma Solicitor
Iqbal Hussain Patient Transport Driver (Ambulance Service)
Sarah Reid Garden Designer – London
Omar Salha SOAS University of London / FIE
Fiaz Rashid SACK
Zaid Mohammad Central Mosque Rochdale
Mirfat Sulaiman Daughters of Kashmir organization
Syed Fazeel Akbar student
Muhammad Ahmedullah Heritage worker
mohammed Dawood KMYA
Abdul Aziz Belattar ABZ CONSULTANCY and TRAINING /Director/Manchester
Maryan Batan Blackburn
Nasir Basharat Bradford
Shaima dallali VP Community and Wellbeing at City University of London Students’ Union
Talat Baig Inspirited Minds
Ala’a Shehabi University College London
Nubla Mohamed Individual / non-affiliate
Zen Mahmood Q-Iman – Institute of Arabic & Islamic Sciences (co-founder)
Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Student at QMUL
Osama Zubair Engineer
Thamina Faiz Birmingham
Abdullah Daya N/A
Irfan Qureshi www.ccfg.info
Jamal Mehmood Writer
Saqlain Riaz President of City, University of London Students’ Union
Mohammed Elaahi Office Worker – London
Dawud Bone Educational Consultant
Tahmidur Rahman Teacher, London
Maira Khan Centre for Media Monitoring
Shane Boothby Postgraduate student, Birkbeck
Shabana Mir American Islamic College
Mohammed Elaahi Office Worker – London
Malia Bouattia Red Pepper Magazine
Sharmarko Mohamed Medical Student, Northampton
Kate Rafiq Author/illustrator
Ml Mohamed Sidat Raedan Institute Leicester
Aliya Abbasi Newton Aycliffe
Abdul Muqeet Al Imaan CC / Director / London
Ruqaya Izzidien Author
Farah Ahmed Support worker
Saeed Mughal Consultant
Arif Bobat Leadership and Executive Coach
Shah Civil Servant
Roufiat Ayinde University of Warwick
Basma Elshayyal Education4all
Aayesha Bhattay Infant Feeding Peer Supporter
Ruqaiyah Javaid City Students’ Union
Nazir Ahmed General Practioner
Aziz Alawiye National home doctor
Ijaz Ahmed Choudhury Bart’s and the London Islamic Society
Ijaz Ahmed Choudhury Bart’s and the London Islamic Society
Saffa Mir Solicitor
Rafia Nawaz Safdar Assistant Psychologist
Andre Etchebarne Postgraduate Researcher
Miss Aatika Bora Thackley, Bradford
AYESHA HASAN Designer New York
Ali Publis sector
Mohammed Saeed Community Activist
Mr Ken Grayling Supporter