dr layla aitlhadj highlights peoples review of prevent at prevent watch end of year event

Speaking at the Prevent Watch annual update event this year, Dr Layla Aitlhadj presented the importance of the People’s Review of Prevent, as the government review continues to be withheld.

At the Prevent Watch Annual Update event 2022, Director of Prevent Watch, Dr Layla Aitlhadj, highlighted the importance of the People’s Review of Prevent.

Dr Aitlhadj emphasized the wealth of evidence that fed into the review, from the over 600 case studies, to the diverse range of over 200 research reports and articles that were used to inform the People’s Review under the supervision of Prof John Holmwood, and the extensive roundtables which included experts in the field of Islamophobia, human rights and safeguarding among other topics.

Addressing the guests, Dr Aitlhadj summarised the conclusions of the The People’s Review which concluded that, not only does Prevent no prevent violence, but it abuses human rights, particularly those of Muslims and most importantly, children.

Moving onto the impact of the People’s Review, Dr Aitlhadj highlighted more than a dozen examples of how the report had been most impactful. She underscored the importance of the People’s Review as an active and live report that will continually be built upon while the government’s Shawcross-led Prevent review continues to be withheld.

In this interim, she said, Prevent Watch would be looking forward to further collaborations and development in the hope that government would eventually acknowledge the deep harms of Prevent.

Guests that night included several Prevent Watch clients who had been impacted by Prevent, who relayed their own experiences of Prevent to the audience which included significant academics, lawyers, journalists and funders.

An important part of the People’s Review of Prevent was the collaborative effort across different individuals and organisations, something that was solidified that night over tasty canapes.

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