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Discover Society: Preventing Evidence: ‘Rights’ and the Wrongs of Government Policy Reviews

How should civil society today address an increasingly draconian government, one that already has a record of misrepresenting and distorting any evidence presented to it that challenges its intentions? A boycott of the Shawcross Review of Prevent was necessary to communicate the deeply dysfunctional nature of reviews, consultations and other checks on government policy.

Ceasefire: The Shawcross Prevent Review will lead to greater criminalisation of activism — We must stop it

As the official Shawcross review of Prevent gets under way, and a parallel People’s Review gathers steam to challenge it, it is crucial for us to understand the Government’s intentions behind the Shawcross charade, argues Alim Islam.

MEE: Prevent critics launch alternative review of UK counter-terrorism strategy

‘People’s review’ offers ‘grassroots’ platform following widespread boycott of government’s own long-delayed review

5Pillars: People’s review of Prevent launched to ‘give voice to victims’

A “people’s review” of the government’s controversial Prevent counter-extremism policy has been launched.

Prevent Watch says the review will place the people most impacted by the programme at the centre and will provide an alternative to the government’s own review led by the right-winger Willam Shawcross.

Islam21C: People’s Review of Prevent launches independent platform as Shawcross review begins

When the Shawcross review of the Prevent strategy was announced, it galvanised more than 450 Islamic organisations, including 350 mosques and imams, representing a diverse range of Muslim voices. It sent a loud message to the government: we see through the rubber-stamping exercise, and we will not accept it anymore.

Press Release: The People’s Review of Prevent – A Historic First

London – In a historical first, we are launching a People’s Review of the Government’s Prevent programme which places the people most impacted by the programme at the centre of the review. This is being launched by the community based NGO Prevent Watch. The review will provide an alternative to the Government’s own review led by Willam Shawcross which has been controversial.