Joint Statement

For over a decade, many people have raised concerns about the UK government’s Prevent strategy., these have included MP’s, NGO’s, UN Special Rapporteurs, community groups, charities and religious organisations.

After mounting pressure, the government announced an Independent review of Prevent in 2019. However, in response to the appointment of William Shawcross as head of this review, 550 signatories have committed to boycotting this review. Many more people have no confidence in the review and see this as a vehicle of embedding Prevent further into society.

The People’s Review of Prevent has been formed so that those impacted by Prevent can submit their evidence and concerns on an alternative and safe platform. 

We invite you to support this initiative by adding your name and/or the name of your organisation to the joint statement below: 


We, the undersigned, support The People’s Review of Prevent.

We have no confidence in the Shawcross-led review as a true ‘independent’ review.

We believe the people most impacted by Prevent should be at the centre of any review and should be heard and the hundreds of people boycotting the Shawcross-led review should be heard. 

We call on all organisations and professional bodies and individuals to join us. 

Signed by: